The Philosophy of our Practice

Dental Practice Johan Huizingalaan

We aim for a long-term dentists-client relationship based on mutual trust. We aim to create a treatment plan for each client that suits the client’s wishes. We don’t just look at the current situation. We also try to estimate what can be expected in the coming years. We try to create a situation that is as sustainable as possible within the possibilities and wishes of the client.

We do this, for example, by using high-quality, body-friendly materials (we have not used amalgam since 1995). Treatment methods, equipment and materials are tailored to the latest scientific insights.

We strive for

We strive for the best possible treatment. This also includes good aftercare, a good complaints procedure and treatment of emergency complaints. As a patient, if you’re in pain, you can be helped on the same day.

We believe sustainable business is important. For instance, solar panels have been installed on the roof, which now partly meet our electricity needs. Also, most of the practice is equipped with LED lighting.

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