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Dental Practice Johan Huizingalaan

With proper care and attention to your teeth, quality is paramount. That is why we pay lots of attention to providing you with meticulous information and good service. Good treatments, materials and administration are also essential To this end, we use procedures based on professional dental association and scientific association guidelines in oral care. Proper complaint handling is part of that.

Our practice works on maintaining quality. Within dentistry, there are diverse quality enhancing activities available Our practice devotes time and attention to the following:

  • Membership of a scientific association
  • Reading Professional literature
  • Following additional and further training
  • Attending peer review meetings
  • Implementation of new guidelines, field standards, rules of conduct and practice guides
  • Internal training
  • Knowledge tests
  • Attend Theme Projects
  • Visit clinical evenings
  • Attend study groups

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Your opinion is extremely valuable to us. Do you have any suggestions on how we can serve you better? Then get in touch. This way, we can ensure that we continue to deliver quality services.

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